What's a Dev?

Hello everyone!

welcomeback to this empty and dusty blog
today I won’t talk much about programming (bleh)
but rather What I feel what does it meen to be a developer.


Being a developer note it not just a coder or a programmer while many could argue that programmers do the same as developers, I would say that they have different responsabilities.

While In my opinion programmers are meant to do something with the insctructions given
developers are meant to develop that solution and depending the place, most of the time they also have to program their solutions.

It feels powerful being able to dictate what you need todo to be able to advance and certainly
it also feels rewarding when your solutions have proven to be correct in the overall picture.
This indeed makes you wonder why there are people which don’t like the profession,
after all it’s all about preferences.


While most of the time you may feel powerful and owner of thr world, sometimes well… you don’t have a lot to say on what it needs to be done in the general picture, your ideas may be amazing and great but not everyone will be fan of them; but don’t feel bad at all for that! in my experience I’ve come to realize that experienced people tend to be more conservative and for a simple reason!

Yes! stability is something really important when you take the overall picture, and while you can solve many challenges your way, it doesn’t mean that you should, you tend to see only what’s important on your mind and your picture, but that’s why it’s important to take others in, so they can give you a better idea of what needs to be done.
But that doesn’t mean you are powerless (but it tends to feel like that).


Ah… this is an extremely great feeling, the oportunity to discover new technologies, or the posibility to solve your day to day issues via software which You made it’s extremely rewarding and exciting it fuels you in the long road trip of the developer’s life.

Recently I made an App (Palabrator) which I just used to test out Nativescript it was just the demo, but while I was working with it I found that my 2yo Son did LOLED of the fact that an apple is rotating endlessly, and I decided to give it a bigger try and use simple nativescript concepts to create a small scrollable list of fruits and vegetables that rotate and change animation when you tap on them as well as saying loud the name of the object.
It feels very rewarding arriving home and seeing my son having fun with something I made for him even if it was just an example or a proof of concept of X tech I was learning.
While it is nothing of the other world this is the kind of things which make you feel Excited about something and make you keep going forward.


Over the time you might experience a lot of frustration given the fact that you are supposed to build The Modern World’s Solutions for the Modern World’s Problems and you might do it daily at your job, but in the personal aspect for me it’s frustrating to know that and yet struggle to be able to finish a personal project either not having time or just not having the motivation to do so.

This is really frustrating for me sometimes because I know I can do really good things and stuff I just struggle when they are for me… but that also might be because perhaps I try to solve a problem that isn’t there, Remember :) you can’t solve a problem that isn’t a problem.

These are not all

while these are not all the feelings you might experience those are the ones I’ve been feeling lately :) but that’s the beauty of it, at least I don’t feel like stoping on this profession. Being able to dominate the world in theory and having the skills to do almost anything when it comes to an abstract idea and abstracting it even more to software its just my cup of tea.

For those who wanted to see some code:
take a look at the following

A nuxt + nest In progress Universal vue apps template for the vue-cli

A nest + iridium, a backend - mongo odm combo written in typescript

I won’t promise anything but I might write about those soon(ish)

Thank you for being here and taking a look at this post :) do you have any comments? share the below! also why not share your experiences too? intrested in being a developer? don’t be afraid! ask questions and take the world on your hands!

See you on the next one!