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Hello 2017


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Hello 2017

Hey everyone this year has been a low activity year on my open source side of life that's due to work, but I still keep on peace new technologies, specially on web stacks. This year I've been 'Noding my way onto the backend stack with sails. While I've seen many post abot why shouldn't you use sails Kevin Burke's one for example which is one of the top results in some searches. I would not expect much from a post in which does only attack a pre v1 version of a framework (at the time of writing sails was in v 0.11.0) and does not objectively tells why it is not good and also why it is good to to use. rants everywhere.

Sails V1 is around the corner and at work sails has been covering our backs pretty great. so those issues you might see about sails and waterline can be configured and mitigated succesfully this is one of the powerful features of sails (it's configurability; is it well written? haha) basically any aspect of sails can be granularly configurated, per route, per action, per blueprint, per database, etc. you might as well expect it, after all it runs on top of express and its flexibility is well known.

on the Frontend of the life I've been wandering with Aurelia a pretty new yet powerful framework If you have used angular2 you'll feel in home with aurelia, because they are very much alike. however there are some desitions and situations that make me like aurelia more than angular.

I wish I could have time to share some code and demos, you can always check my github! there are some undocumented samples there. The time I had I used it on reworking this blog :) we've got new theme and a new powerhouse behind it hexo which is a Node.js static site generator which I find a little bit easier to use.

From now on

2017 Looks quite good in terms of development javascript landscape looks better than ever with typescript and babel, allowing us to use those new and shiny features today.

Microsoft has great plans with standard 2, aspnet running everywhere looks great also, I hope this year allows us to keep up our skills sharper and let us create new stuff for everyone to enjoy :)

Have a great year and enjoy these last hours.

-- Angel D. Munoz