Rust, inspire me please!

Hello everyone!

I've been looking at rust recently I'm mostly a node developer I like javascript quite a lot, it has the good and the bad parts, however today with the addition of babel/typescript (and of course es6 (jokes) =>,7,8,9,7,123,13,5,64, <= (jokes), es-next) etc. it's quite easy to do a bunch of tasks relatively quick, also we can't forget the npm registry etc.

However I have been looking at different alternatives at languages to program, I know some python, C#, and stuff like that which aren't bad but it feels like every time I want to do some serious side project (hahaha, sure, sure: "Serious") in any of other languages I end up missing JavaScript.

Recently I've been diging up into Rust which aims to be a quite awesome programming systems language, and I quite like how it looks like, the fact that I don't need to keep much track of memory (only lifetime?) is what calls me onto it, you know I don't really want to mess up with C/C++ because while I'm pretty sure I know how to program I still feel like those languages are not easy when it comes to professional work, and Yes I know learning either C or C++ would make me a better developer because of those same things that make me feel they are hard to learn.

Also I'd like to mention that I'm sick of doing Restful API's (holy js right?) so rust seems like a good alternative in the sense that If I can get a really good hang of it I could even (some day) create a native add-on for node with the neon project. Also I would love to dig into games development it is a fairly unexplored area for me, while I enjoy them (Star craft, World of Tanks, and such) I don't do either experiment or learn much about how to do games.

this gets me to think How about mixing and matching Rust+Games+Node, I'd like to know if there's someone or some project exploring these areas and also, resources to learn all of that stuff.

Also I've been thinking on how good would it be to develop a small DSL for some of my teammates at work (that are non programmers) to help them do their tasks easier (and also easier for us programmers too) but I never learned at school (not that they taught that too) anything about compilers, lexers, and all of those things you need to create a programming language (while I don't aim to do a whole complete language I know it would be helpful to know that)

What seems difficult to me on rust right now is the fact that (badly I know but hey it's almost 2018!) I rely too much in text editor/ide feedback so the fact that the vscode extensions either rust and rust(rls) sometimes aren't available or something, the type I need/want to know I end up fighting the compiler instead, how do you guys/gals work on that sense? I'd be really glad to have some pointers.

Also I'd like to know why you like rust? why don't you? what's the thing that has help you the most?

If you feel my ideas are too disperse, don't worry they are hahaha Cheers! -Angel D. Munoz

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