What do you look for in a browser?

So, What is what you look for in a web browser? What are the features you want/need?

I kind of want to explore UWP/Electron to create a prototype of a web browser, leveraging the fact that either chromium and chakra are two great capable engines

and I'd like to see if ~~I don'get bored~~ I can do some stuff, If you are wondering what is this all about you can check the next UWP javascript sample

{% github https://github.com/MicrosoftEdge/JSBrowser %}

and in the case of Electron you can find many here

but this is a good example also

{% github https://github.com/wexond/wexond %}

with UWP you can do it either with JavaScript (as shown above) or with C#, VB, C++, in Electron just JavaScript (or [rust, cpp] native modules if you want to be fancy)

please share your features, questions and comments! in any case, I will report back my experiences on working with such platforms!

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